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Being Free From Fruitfly Because of Heigrow®
-Trubus 437- April 2006 / XXXVII
Heigrow® Fruit Cover Increase product quality and selling value
-Trubus 431 - October 2005 / XXXVI
-Agrobisnis No. 645 Second Week of October 2005
Heigrow® Sweeten Your Melon
-Agrobisnis No. 643 - Fourth Week September 2005
-Agrobisnis No. 637, Second Week of August 2005
Banana's Selling Price Has Increased because of Heigrow®
-Agrobisnis No. 635 - Fifth Week July 2005

Trubus 437 - April 2006 / XXXVII
Being Free from Fruitfly Because Of Heigrow®


When harvest time, losing 10 million rupiahs is unavoidable. 90% Pamelo that is yielded in 2.500 m2 field, is destroyed around 90%. That case was experienced by Rohmad, in Desa Dukuh, Kecamatan Bendo, Kabupaten Magetan, East Java. The fruit from 100 trees were damaged because of the Bactrocera dorsalis destruction.

The Fruitfly is a truly fearful specter for horticulture farmer in all over the world, including Indonesia. The damage energy can reach until 100% if insurmountable. Farmer overcomes the attack of Bactrocera dorsalis by spraying the pesticide, installing the trap, or wrapping the fruit.

Both way of so-called that at first is less effective. Spraying insecticide often fall wide of the mark, remembering the nature of the fruitfly which always moving. Moreover, fruitfly trapping which uses the bait metyl eugenol only attract the male fly, but not the female one.

The most effective way of handling is by wrapping the fruit. Generally, the farmer uses wrapper from plastic or paper. When the weather is hot, plastic causes the hot atmosphere inside the fruit, even though the plastic has been given ventilator. It causes the colour of the fruit become scraggly and brown like being burned. In brief, the paper will be destroyed by the rainwater.

attend to overcome the problem of usage of paper and plastic. This product is a combination from 2 previous pre-eminent materials which are used by the farmer. The new innovation from PT Sekawan Intipratama is made of materials nonwovens which is light with microscopic pore.Heigrow® protects the fruit from fruitfly pest and dust volcanic which damage the quality and appearance of the fruit. This caused the degradation of the usage of pesticide.

With a 0,2 mm thick and small pore, Heigrow® can make a very good air circulation & sunray entry for the fruit. It also prevents the condensation in sweat wrapping which is usually happened at plastic material wrapping.

Smooth Surface
This is the experience from Suparjo in Magetan. After using Heigrow®, the problems of fruitfly effect did not happen anymore. Rain and sunshine heat are no longer as a constraint to improve the performance of fruit. The fruit is smoother with green colour. The fruit weight also become bigger because it can be harvested according to its time.

Before using Heigrow®, The chief of Tani Kusuma Buah group only cropped pamelo with weight of 1,7-1,8 kg/fruit. However, after using Heigrow®, the weight become 2,1-2,2 kg/fruit. Because the skin is smooth and the weight is more substantial, the price is also become higher. It was only 1.500 rupiahs/fruit and now become 4.500 rupiahs/fruit on-hand compiler.

Heigrow® is designed for farmer to be easy to use it. When the big orange, the nick name of pamelo have ping-pong ball size, the fruit is wrapped with Heigrow® which in form of sack. The fruit have to be wholly closed and then the wrapper to be tightly fastened. Heigrow® is presented in 5 sizes, from small (S) to extra large ( XXL). One package contains 100 sacks at the price of 20.000 rupiahs for small size. Farmer can choose it according to fruit size. To pamelo use packing with an XL size, 30 x 40 cm, with price of 45.000 rupiahs/pack. Besides for big orange, Heigrow® also can be used for other fruit like banana, mango,star fruit, apple, dragon fruit, guava, melon, jackfruit, and sirsak.

Different with the Heigrow® for pamelo, Heigrow® for banana is made in distinct form. It is made in meter measurement so that farmer can adjust to fruit size. The price is 2.000 rupiahs/meter. Heigrow® is reusable until 5 usage times.

Nowadays, fruit farmer can feel relieve. With packing of fruit, Heigrow, we can overcome fruitfly, the farmer’s bogey. The quality of fruit, which is yielded, also becomes good;the weight is more substantial and has a smooth appearance.

(Translated from Trubus 437 - April 2006 / XXXVII)

Trubus 431 - October 2005 / XXXVI
Heigrow® Fruit Cover Increase product quality and selling value

Banana's skin is green, which give the _expression of fresh and beautiful fruit in front of juries during Agribisnis Expo 2005 and Banana Quality Sistem Appreciation at Lumajang, East Java.

Lili, agriculture coordinator in Senduro Village, has bring his group to get three titles and become champion.
"It is all because Heigrow®" he said.

PT Sekawan Intipratama's new innovation has contributed many farmer in Senduro to increase banana's quality. It is made from light nonwoven with microscopic pores.

Heigrow® can protect fruits from pest and volcanic dust which can effect quality and appereance of a fruit. This brought positive result with the decrease usage of pesticide.

This advantages is not nonsense. After trial at June 2004 in Brawijaya University, its blue color can reduce ultraviolet radiation to 75% - 80%.
With only 0.2 mm thickness, microscopic pores, Heigrow® has provided good air circulation and sufficient sunlight for fruit.

Apart from that, Heigrow® avoid condensation, 'sweating' fruit cover which commonly happen while using plastic film.

Thanks for the microscopic pores, fruit flies can not enter the cover to damage the fruit.

Banana Cover
Normally farmer uses fruit cover that is made from plastic film. Inside of plastic film is coated using pesticide that is meant to secure the fruit from pest and disease. While the weather is hot, this can cause residue. During the hot weather, plastic film causes hot air inside the cover even though farmer has made hole on it. This cause fruits color is not even and has brown spots.

Heigrow® has come to overcome the problem while covering using newspaper and plastic film. This product has combined advantages that those two products above have. After using Heigrow®, Lili never experience the same problem again. The rain and sunlight is not an obstacle to increase fruit performance. Fruit is cleaner with good green color. This has bring benefits especially during Indonesia Ramadan month, while the demand of good fruit is increasing.

Heigrow® has been used as fruit cover when it is known that it can increase Banana's weight upto 10%. Heigrow® is designed so that farmer is comfortable to use it. When banana's heart has come out, it is wrapped using tubular shape Heigrow® which is 80 cm wide. Since then the fruit is covered until harvest time.

Two weeks later, the cover is opened, banana's heart then cut and some of the upper part is taken, after that banana is covered again. To get uniform fruits, it is recommended to cut bottom size one row. Heigrow® is made in one pack, which has the length around 25-50 mt. This design is used so farmer can easily adjust according to their needs.

Other Fruit
At the beginning, Heigrow® is used in star fruit. After that time, there are a lot of fruits that has been covered, like banana, mango, apple, dragon fruit, melon, jackfruit, etc. It is not like Heigrow® for banana, Heigrow® for other fruits is packed in pouch styles. This pouch is very comfortable to use, with drawstring on the top. The size comes in variations from small to extra extra large. Farmer can choose according to their fruit needs.

Heigrow® now is not only used in East Java. Heigrow® has been used in Lampung, Mid Java, West Java and Bali.

(Translated from Trubus 431 - October 2005/XXXVI)

Agrobisnis No. 645 Second Week of October 2005

PT Fajar Mekar Indah known as Frigga is a fruit plantation that have many plasma farmer. Their technology has been proven for its quality. Their fruits has been widely enjoyed in available fruit outlets.

Frigga has tried many ways to cover fruit, one of it is using newspaper which is tied using wire. Heigrow® fruit cover is a new breakthrough that Frigga is interested to apply to his plantation. Frigga has tried to use Heigrow® for mango and star fruit Penang type. For mango, Frigga also tried to two types, which is Gadung and Nangdogmay.

According to Hutomo BA, Frigga supervisor in Raya street, Pasuruan, East Java, they use newspaper beforehand. For years, Frigga has used newspaper and even plastic film to wrap their fruit. However the result is better when using Heigrow®.

"Fruit quality and appereance is better when using Heigrow®" said Hutomo to Agrobisnis in Pasuruan.

What are the advantages of using Heigrow®? Hutomo said that mango color is more natural and greener. The fruit surface is excellent and fruit defects that has been caused by fruit flies has decreased to 100%. It is also protect fruit from pest and ants.

It is also easy to evaluate the fruit condition, whether it is already ripe or not. Heigrow® increased harvest quantity with A grade.
"Apart from that, Heigrow support the performance and fruit appereance and thus increase sales value" said Hutomo.

Before using Heigrow®, Hutomo has got many unpleasant experiences while using newspaper to wrap the fruit. Fruit color is pale and not fresh. Fruit defects also a lot, which reduce their harvest quality. Pest and ants has left defect that left marks which effect fruit quality. Prime grade fruits can not be controlled and selling value is only average.

A lot of benefits by using Heigrow®. For you who wants to get high quality seeds from Frigga and would like to understand better Hutomo experiences with Heigrow®, you can contact :

Frigga, Phone 0343-426195
Frigga company address :
PT Fajar Mekar Indah (Frigga)
Jalan Raya Pasuruan Probolinggo Km 5 (Kebun Bibit Buah),
Jarangan - Pasuruan

Star fruit not get rotten
At Frigga, they also use Heigrow® for star fruit. Learning from his experience using Heigrow®, Hutomo decided to use Heigrow® for star fruit.

The result is amazing, star fruit color is green and natural. After the fruit is unwrapped with Heigrow® during harvest, the color change is slow. This is of course an advantage when you want to deliver your fruit for a long distance. Fruit defects has been reduced to 100%. Good air circulation also reduce the fruit defect. Last but not least, due to those advantages above, Heigrow® can increase the sales value.

Star fruit that is wrapped using plastic has many disadvantages. Fruit is pale and not fresh. Fruit color is easily change and more risky for long distance delivery. Fruit defects still happen because they make hole in the plastic, which let fruit fly come in. Fruit defects because of water deposits also unavoidable.
(Translated from Agrobis 645 Second Week of October 2005)

Agrobisnis No. 643 - Fourth Week September 2005

If you plant melon don't forget to use Heigrow® to cover it. This story has proved that Heigrow® play significant role to protect fruit from pest attack and harsh environment. Thus the fruit quality can increase.

Agus Hermawan is a succesful melon farmer in his area, Panji, Situbondo, East Java. He got this title because the melon that he grow is growing well with high productivity. The fruit has best quality, there is no defects like pest attack and plant diseases.

Beside that, he work close with other farmers surround him. Together with them, Agus has became the center farmer while others were plasma. That relationship is bonding strongly.

During his planting Melon, he has strong determination to use as little pesticide as possible. This way, his Melon contain less amount of it. His Melon has spread to some areas in Java and infatuated by some exclusive supermakets there. He plants "golden" and "honey" that is widely accepted by the market.

The Beginning
At the beginning of production, Melon was not covered with any material. It grows naturally until ready to be harvested. Unfortunately many melons were get rotten and has many scab on it. So when Mr. Agus was offered to try Heigrow®, with great enthusiasm he applied the product to the fruit.

The result is amazing.

It is different with previous production. "The difference is great. Melon which is covered by Heigrow® has better quality than without" said Mr Agus in his field, Panji Situbondo, East Java.

Trial Result
During the trial, Mr Agus can conclude that melon which is covered by Heigrow® is clearer and fresher. Fruit defect that is caused by leaves scratch and pest has decreased almost 100%.

"The usage of Heigrow® fruit cover is able to make the appearence of the fruit more excellent and the taste is sweeter because the amount of glucose has increased 1% in minimum. The weight also increase 1-2 ounce. With a better appereance, sweeter taste, of course this will increase Melon selling value" said Mr Agus.

Without Heigrow®, Melon has many defects
Planting melon without the usage of Heigrow® fruit cover, the color is not clear and fresh.
"Fruit defect will be on the surface of melon and it will decrease the amount of the fruit which can be sold in exclusive markets" said Mr Agus.

The increasing of glucose in melon is not optimized yet, so is the weight of the fruit.
In the end, the farmers will suffer many losses because many fruit are not good enough for the market and decrease their sales.

Realizing that Heigrow® has made a great changing, he started to inform this news to his partners.
He recommended Heigrow® to them in the hope that it can raise quality and the selling value.

Mr Agus wants to share his valuable experience with all melon farmers. Should any farmers want to get the same experience, they can contact him at 0342-442691 or 08123487453

(Translated from Agrobisnis No. 643 - Fourth Week September 2005, Indonesia)

Agrobisnis No. 637, Second Week of August 2005

Your starfruit often get rot? Wrap them with Heigrow® because it can protect fruit from fruit fly and other pests. Star fruit that has been wrapped have more quality and make the selling price increase.

Cultivating star fruit is relatively easy because it doesn't require special techniques and special treatment. Only using organic treatment and fertilizer such as using bokashi, the result is good enough.

The plant grow fast and the fruit is big.

Purwani who lived in Lodoyo, Blitar started to plant star fruit since 1994. The main problem come when star fruit start to grow bigger. That time fruit fly often come to fruit causing it to rot. This problem starts to disappear after there is solution that is offered by Heigrow®.

By using Heigrow®, the color of the fruit is natural green. When it's time to harvest, the color when unwraped from the cover will change. This make it easier for long way delivery, especially when deliver out of town or export.

Nervous at the beginning
Purwani who have about two houndred fifty trees, at the beginning was always nervous when it comes to harvest because there will always star fruit that get rotten. Not long after knowing about Heigrow® as fruit cover, his nervous is now gone.

"Fruit defect that become problem for star fruit also reduced by using Heigrow®. With Heigrow®, the air circulation is good to anticipate fruit defect from get rotten." explained by Purwani in lodoyo, Blitar.

By using Heigrow®, the color and quality of fruit is even better than before. Fruit is physically better and the color is fresh green.
"The selling price is higher. This definitely bring benefit to owner of star fruit garden like me." said Purwani.

Fresh and Sweet
Most of star fruit variety at this moment still have sour flavour in it. Eventhough it's old and ripe, sometimes the star fruit still sour. But that condition will never happen on the star fruit that is covered by Heigrow®.

All the old fruit will ripe. The fruit is sweet, plenty of water. It feel fresh when eaten.

When star fruit grows, it will attract pest especially fruit fly and bat. The pests are serious threat for the star fruit. For your information, both of those pest are main threat for the fruit. Fruit fly can even rot the fruit.

Texture is good
In order to protect star fruit from those threats and make it harvested right on time, the fruit has to be covered with Heigrow® before it grow big. Heigrow® Fruit Cover is very suitable to use because it have soft texture and small pores so air and sunlight can still come through.

The covering of the fruit will not damaged the branch because Heigrow® is very light. This fruit cover will not lower the grow of the fruit itself. The fruit can even 'free' because Heigrow® can suit with size of the fruit itself. The way to tie is not to tight.
"Basically, the way to install Heigrow® Fruit Cover will not effect the growth of fruit branch." said Purwani.

Star Fruit not get rotten anymore
With Heigrow® Fruit Cover, the fruit will definitely safe from pest like fruit fly and others. The fruit will not get rotten because it's hard for fruit fly to insert its eggs into the fruit.

If using ordinary plastic cover, star fruit normally looks pale, not fresh green and the color turns to yellowish which become more risky for long distance shipment.

The fruit still have scar on the surface. This is obvious because holes on the plastic cover gives an entrance way for the fruit fly to come in.There are some star fruits that is wrapped with ordinary plastic.

The result, the fruit will get rotten because of the water deposits in the plastic bag.
Due to that reason, for star fruit to be harvested on time and achieve a high quality, the fruit must be covered with Heigrow® when it is still young.

(Translated from Agrobis 637, Second Week of August 2005)

Agrobisnis No. 635 - Fifth Week July 2005

For more advantage in planting banana, one must prioritize to use Heigrow®.

What is Heigrow® anyway?
Lumajang Agung Banana that recently just certified as Indonesia's original banana can be categorized as superior. This banana has a lot of excellent characteristics to be so. The fruit is sweet and the size is big. Lumajang Agung (Agung) banana is very suitable for snacks like chips, getuk (Indonesian food) etc.

At this moment, the demand for "Agung" banana has keep on increasing. In Senduro Lumajang production is always ran out in the local market eventhough production is always increasing.

To enhance Agung banana's harvest in Senduro Lumajang, one of the way is by using Heigrow®. Heigrow® is used to cover the banana so it will be safe from pest, disease or the extreme vicinity effect.

Heigrow® is made from material with microscopic pores that can protect the fruit from pest and vulcanic dust which can degrade qualitty and appearance of the fruit.

Reducing Pesticide
The using of insecticide on the fruit that is harmful for our health can be reduced even avoided.
The using of Heigrow® has resulted in beteter fruit color, which is clearer and fresher that in the end can increase selling value in the market.

Heigrow® Fruit cover can endure ultraviolet exposure until 5 times usage, with good air circulation and prevent water sediment that can damaged fruit quality. Heigrow® is also suitable for fruit that vulnerable to fruit fly's attack.

This product is also capable to limit the exposure of the sunlight. Too much sunlight can cause scab to the surface of banana.

The advantage of using Heigrow® was already proofed by a number of banana's farmer in Senduro Lumajang. Mr. Lili is a banana's farmer in Ijo Senduro Banana's Market, Lumajang.

He began to realize the importance of using fruit cover Heigrow® while the entire banana is still on the tree. This step was taken to let bananas have better quality. The material was very special so it really can protect the fruit from all pest and extreme environment effect including sunlight.

"With Heigrow®, the color of banana's skin was more green, the color when it ripe was more yellow gold, the weight of the fruit has increased aproximately 10% and free from scab. The overall cost is cheaper because we do not need to use pesticide or at least 3 times usage. The product is good and the harvest rise. With all that encouraging result, it will increase banana sales value." said Mr. Lili.

Using Plastic Cover is Dangerous
Mr. Lili did try to use plastic as fruit cover. He used it to compare with Heigrow®. The result of using plastic is worse.

Using plastic, the color of banana's skin was not too green. Plastic that stick to the fruit surface cause burn color and has a risk causing a scab.

"The cost is more expensive because pesticide still being used. Maximum 2 times usage. With that plastic, defect product still exist. Selling price for the bananas only reach average value." said Mr. Lili.

Because actively using Heigrow® on bananas, Mr. Lili and his colleagues in Senduro has been announced as 1st, 2nd and 3rd champions in banana's competition that has been held on 12-14 July 2005 in Expose Agobusiness 2005 and Banana Quality Assurance System Appreciation in Lumajang City.

Lumajang Mayor with the representative from farmer division of 22 district from all over Indonesia was very impressed when they saw Mr. Lili's Agung banana during the opening ceremony.

Apparently, this amazing result was got because Mr. Lili always use Heigrow® Fruit Cover on his banana trees. Mr. Lili's achievement is followed by district Senduro's as the winner of banana's competition and as the district acknowledge by Indonesia Farming Departement because they have the best planting system on entire Java.

(Translated from Agrobisnis No. 635 - Fifth Week July 2005, Indonesia)