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Jawa Timur 61262 INDONESIA

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PT Javas Langgeng is a nonwoven converter which is located in Indonesia. We have catered many application fields such as Fancy, Agriculture, Building Construction, Bedding Industries and Inflight Supplies. Our product has been vastly accepted worldwide for its quality. We are always eager to develop Nonwoven new product that give more value to customer. more information

Beautiful wrapping material for gift, flower and other exclusive packaging. Available in many design and color. more

Nonwoven in Agriculture product. Under the brand name Heigrow®, our product has been proved to increase fruit quality. more

A better living standard. Heigard® is a new generation of isolation foil that is strong and durable. more

Protect your mattress for a better sleeping quality. This washable and special product is made to protect your mattress and avoid allergy. more

This disposable Headrest Cover and Pillow Case is used in Airlines for Hygienic and comfortable flight environment. Can be printed based on the request to create a better flight experience more. more